do you ever give up mid-masturbating because you don’t even want to fuck you

Sadly, yes….sometimes it’s too much effort lol😂😂

i’m so glad it’s not just me.

Two nudes and a cat, 1903

Pablo Picasso

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-foursome with my boyfriend and a couple we met.

-threesome later with that same couple

-being single and how it sucks being horny and lonely

"You’ll regret not kissing her a lot more than you’ll regret kissing her."
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Its a little selfish and stupid, but I feel really sexy when I can convince a guy to stay naked with me all day instead of being productive. It’s especially awesome when they skip work or other plans just to cuddle in a bed that smells like sex from last night.

the hair on my head has been pink for over three months and I plan on keeping it that way. so why shouldn’t I color my other body hair? If I color my bush should I color my armpit hair too? or wax them again? 

it’s been nine months since I’ve posted anything. I feel terrible about leaving you hanging.. But I broke up with G and I didn’t want to mess things up with my new boyfriend so I stopped being interesting for a while.

And then I got a job and moved in with my boyfriend and things have been super duper vanilla lately.  

And I went to a new doctor about my mental health and he prescribed a higher dose of my antidepressant, which totally lowered my libido and I haven’t even wanted sex unless I’m intoxicated.  =/ 

And then I lost my job so now I’m kind of back to the long and lonely kinds of days.